Our Story

Erika and Patrick built the Game Theory concept on the belief that everyone should be able to enjoy board game night all year long.  The company’s mission is to make each customer’s experience effortless.  We accomplish this goal by serving scratch kitchen food and craft beverages, staffing an all-star service team, and providing a curated game library with options for everyone.  

The concept idea originated during Erika and Patrick’s first holiday together as a couple.  They returned from college to their hometown Fort Worth.  Never would Erika forget her first encounter with Patrick’s family.  Patrick’s family was quiet and reserved, making it a nerve-racking situation to break the ice.  After dinner, Patrick’s brother Tim pulled out a large stack of unique board games carefully selected to kick-off the festivities.  Then, the night changed very quickly.  Before Erika knew it, laughter and excitement filled the air.  Meeting family for the first time can be an intimidating experience but this memory was the complete opposite. She saw firsthand how board games brought Patrick’s family together and made her feel immediately welcome. 

Later that week, Patrick visited Erika’s family.  It was board game night and the competitive juices were flowing!  You could taste the intensity in the room – all over a simple game of Uno.  No mercy was shown from her Grandpa Joe to even Erika’s baby sister.  Patrick loved it and fit right in.  On the drive back home, we asked “What if this amazing experience could be more than an annual holiday tradition?”

After almost two years of preparation, Game Theory opened its doors on July 27, 2019 and has never looked back.