To maintain the appearance/quality of our games, we charge a $2 library fee per person. Free under 6 years old. If you join our text club, you will receive free library passes for you and a friend for the entire calendar year. Just login to the system with your phone number when you visit us.

Because we cannot predict playing times, we do not take reservations at this time. We seat all guests on a first come first serve. When you arrive, we add your party to a VIRTUAL waitlist. Once your table is ready, we will shoot you a text notification. For special occasions, we charge a food and beverage minimum to book a party and reserve tables.

No! You can add yourself to our virtual waitlist using Yelp.com or Yelp App (no account required). If you call, we do not add individuals more than an hour before arrival. Your party will be called as soon as a table is available. If we do not hear from you 10 minutes after your party is called, we will move to the next party in line.

We sell both physical and virtual giftcards. You can purchase virtual giftcards by clicking on the following link. https://squareup.com/gift/1C8P083YZ1TAY/order

We have a small selection of games for children at least 6 years and older. For the best experience, we recommend Game Theory for children 10+.

Absolutely! We believe that a group with ages 10 years old to 99 years old will have a blast with our family-friendly games.

We do not allow outside games to be brought into the restaurant. We have over 500 games to choose from. If we do not have a game, we gladly take game recommendations. 

We do not currently publish an updated library at this time because we are updating our library on a weekly basis. Feel free to email info@gametheorytx.com if you have specific game questions.

Game Theory has excellent gastro-pub style food and a wide variety of adult beverages. No requirement to play games but they are available to play.

Of course! Cost varies depending on party size, date, and duration of your event. Click here to request a quote and coordinate with our management team.

Our service has changed slightly to ensure the health and safety of our customers & employees.

You can check out our new procedures below. We’ll continue to update as more guidelines are published.

New Procedures

Unfortunately, we don’t allow outside games*. It would be difficult for us to track which games belong to you or are part of our collection.

*Exception to the rule: book our party room! It’s much easier to track if your games are located in a single space.

Not a problem! If you’re coming to eat & drink only, you don’t  have to pay the library fee.

You shouldn’t have to pay for something you’re not using…that’s just crazy! 

Just click the button below to send us your information. 

Cost varies depending on time and party size. Don’t worry, we’ll provide you a quote within 1 business day. 

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While we are extremely excited to reopen our doors, we are taking the proper precautions to keep our guests & employees safe. Below you'll find a list of our new procedures as we navigate this "new normal" we all face. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing all of you again!


Hand Sanitizer & Gloves Available

Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available to all customers upon request. In addition, hand sanitization stations will be setup throughout the restaurant.


Employee Safety

All employees have been asked to wear face masks during service.  Employees are required to wash hands every 30 minutes at a minimum. Food & safety requirements may result in more frequent hand washing. 


Seating Capacity

Until further notice, Game Theory will be restricted to a 50% seating capacity, in accordance with state laws. If you are waiting for a table, we kindly ask that you wait outside or in your vehicle until notified.


Digital Menus & Plastic Utensils

Menus have been removed from the dining room & can be accessed via our website or scanning a QR code. In addition, only individually wrapped, plastic utensils will be provided. Pens used for signing receipts are to be sanitized after each use. 


Sanitization Procedures

All entry and bathroom doors are to be sanitized every hour. Open surfaces will be sanitized every 2 hours. All tables and chairs will be sanitized after use.  


Board Games

We ask that each table only take 1 game at a time. After use, please return game to the host stand & our team will properly sanitize before returning the game to the shelf. Games will continue to rest for 24 hours.